"The Career Engineer," Randy Siegel helps clients electrify their careers and transform their lives by becoming high voltage communicators™. Through training, coaching, speaking, and writing, he encourages people to fearlessly stand in their power by becoming the full expression of all they are.

Randy has conducted hundreds of presentations, workshops, and coaching sessions for corporations, professional associations, nonprofit organizations, and marketing firms coast to coast. His areas of expertise include presentation and communications skills training, executive positioning, personal mission statement development, career transition, and interviewing techniques.

He also provides consulting services in marketing, internal communications, team building, and management.

Randy and his Dalmatian, Lucy, live in Asheville, North Carolina.

For more information, contact: Randy@PowerHouse Communications.com

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Postcard from Asheville, N.C.

"I still don't understand. What is the connection among all of you?" our host, James, asked. He was puzzled. James, a fifty-something ex-pat had invited the eight of us for cocktails at his elegant Buenos Aires penthouse. His partner's daughter was a business associate of one of our clan back in the States. I had to laugh. It was no wonder he was perplexed. We were an unlikely group of men.

We ranged in ages from twenty-eight to fifty-five. Some were married, three divorced, and one was single. One had never left the country, except for a recent trip to Hawaii, he told James (later, we explained Hawaii was a part of the country). We hailed from Atlanta, Asheville, New York City, Nashville, and Blue Ridge, Georgia, and if it wasn't for one man none of us would have ever met each other, much less have traveled together.

Over a five day period, we laughed, ate, drank, saw the sights, and shared our stories. Yes, we were totally different from one another, but we were also totally tolerant of those differences.

Long after the vibrant memories of fabulous architecture, rushing waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and hiking on a glacier fade, I will remember the warmth of being in the company of men — men who respect one another, men who build each other up, men who are not afraid to show each other who they are.

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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I wish you a happy one.

Attracting Love into Our Lives

I would rather eat glass than face another February 14 single. Like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays, Valentine's Day is another reminder that I am alone; there's no one special in my life.

Those of you who participated in January's TeleSalon know I have been studying The Law of Attraction. I am learning a lot, including:

  • The whole world is comprised of energy, including us.
  • Energy is actually vibration.
  • Everything vibrates including thoughts, and thoughts are propelled by emotions.
  • Everything, emotions too, vibrates differently. Joy, gratitude, and love are at higher frequencies; fear, worry, and anxiety are at lower levels.
  • We attract similar vibrations.

The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration we are offering by giving us more of what we are vibrating. It doesn't decide whether it’s good for us or not; it simply responds to our vibrations. We attract what we feel.

This means that in order to manifest what we are seeking in our lives, we must focus on emotions rather than specific outcomes. For example, if I want more clients, I ask myself what feeling I am truly after. In my case, it's the feeling of connection. I love it when I truly connect with a client. And in a primary relationship? It's love that I am after; I want to attract more love into my life.

This fall, I went through volunteer training at the local hospice. Several summers ago, my brother Chip died. Although he was in hospice less than twenty-four hours, I became a believer. I saw how hospice serves the dying and their families, providing a safe place to make life's ultimate transition.

I have been volunteering for less than a month, and yet I have already received far more than I have given. After my first shift of visiting patients and their families, the light bulb went off, and the "mother ah-ha" came to me. There are many ways to bring love into my life, and I can attract it just as effectively — if not more so — by giving it rather than waiting to receive it.

How often in my life do I wait to receive when giving can be just as satisfying? Too often, and I should know better.

I tell clients that purpose can be found in our greatest wound. My greatest wound was not being seen, heard, and understood for all that I am when I was a child. Today, I strive to help clients stand in their power by becoming the full expression of all they are. It's no wonder why I love what I do.

This Valentine's Day, instead of bemoaning the long stemmed roses that never arrived, I just may send a dozen to a friend who is feeling blue. Instead of focusing on what I don't have, I'll focus on what I do. And when I do, I will be reminded that I am one lucky man!


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