Build Your Leaders

Postcard from Asheville, NC

June 2009

If you could have read my thoughts several weeks ago you would have never believed that I train and coach professionals to stand in their power.

It was my first open studio, and close to two hundred people came in. I was showing my new work for the first time with four extremely accomplished artists, and I was insecure.

3rd Floor Studios Opening

While I may have appeared calm on the outside, I was a whirlwind inside. My inner critic had morphed into an inner committee, and they were clamoring for attention. The noise was deafening.

You aren't good enough.
Who do you think you are exhibiting with these guys?
They are professionals; your work is amateurish.

3rd Floor Studios Opening

The man who is normally confident, competent, and convicted in business had become a frightened and vulnerable boy.

Life had presented another challenge: how can I stand in my power as an artist?

I don't have the answer yet, but I know where to start. I plan to journal about how to start a courtship between the businessman and the artist. I sense that when the two meet sparks will fly, and who knows, maybe in time there will be a wedding.

This month, we'll look at the power of journaling.

The Power of Journaling

Journaling is a simple and effective tool that can help you develop a greater understanding of who you are, how you came to be the way you are, and what direction you should take.

Key benefits of journaling:
  • Brings clarity to life issues
  • Provides an outlet for pent up emotions
  • Gives dreams and ideas a place to grow
  • Uncovers insights
  • Allows you to deal with your issues honestly in the privacy of your journal
  • Charts your progress
Tips for journaling:

Write freely. Don't worry about spelling or grammar. Don't worry about smudged ink or cross-outs. Your journal is for you and you alone. You may share it with someone later, but when you are writing, write for yourself.

Find time! Bring your journal along with you wherever you go. You'd be amazed at how much "extra" time you'll find in your life.

  1. What were my mother's and father's issues and how are they playing out in my life?
  2. Do I feel I lack permission to be who I am? If so, whose permission do I seek?
  3. In what areas do I need to grow up?
  4. How would I describe a perfect day? (Give as much detail as you can.)
  5. What are my three top beliefs?
  6. What are the top three limiting beliefs that are holding me back?
  7. What do people say I am good at?
  8. Whatis the world asking of me?
  9. Am I living a life, or leading a lifestyle?
  10. Who is living the life that I most envy?
  11. What would I tell young people is the most important thing in life?
  12. What would I like to leave behind as my legacy?
  13. What matters at the end?
  14. What is waiting to be born, and what is waiting to die within me?
  15. What was I doing the last time I lost all track of time?
  16. What would I do if I knew I couldn't fail?
  17. What would I be doing if money were not a concern?
  18. Where is my fire, and what are my fears?
  19. What excites me?
  20. What angers me?
  21. How can I smother the fear while stoking the fire?
  22. Where am I willing to be led?
  23. What would I do if I knew what to do?
  24. If I lost everything, what would I do first?
  25. How do I feel about making money?
  26. Where can I best give my gifts to benefit the world?  (And what do I need in order to givethem freely?)
  27. What person, place, or thing has significantly impacted my life?
  28. What were three defining moments in my life, times when my life tooksignificant turns?
  29. What does my child-self want to tell me right now in this moment?
  30. If things keep going the way they are going, will I like where I end up?
  31. What are three things that I want more of or less of in my life?
  32. What am I trying to prove to the world?
  33. What don't I want others to know about me?
  34. What do I do to connect with others?
  35. What are five things that would open up for me if I were more self-accepting(or confident)?

These questions are excellent thought starters. Of course, you can also write about your day, life, feelings, or dreams. Whatever you write about, I encourage you to write, and you'll discover journaling's power to guide, inspire, and heal.

Tip of the Week

Here's a big question: Is your career in alignment with your calling? These three questions may help you discover the answer:

  1. Does your work "juice" you?
  2. Do you feel a lot of energy around what you do?Does your work, or how you do it, benefit others?
  3. Does it utilize your primary strengths?

In order to turn careers into callings, it's imperative to:

  1. Know yourself. Understand who you are and what's important to you.
  2. Know and claim your unique strengths.
  3. Use those strengths in service to others.