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Postcard from Asheville

March 2012

Sometimes something has to die in order for something to live. My good friend was going through a divorce. “This is an opportunity to totally rethink your life,” I suggested over coffee one cold winter day seven years ago. “If you could wave a wand and create the perfect life what would it look like?”

“I’d like to have a great job doing what I love, writing. And I’d like to do it for a very cool organization like the FBI. I’d live outside of Washington, DC, and I’d make enough money to really provide for my kids,” she replied after only a few moments.

“Sounds pretty specific.” 

“That’s what I want,” she said confidently.

Several weeks ago, I said good-bye to my friend. Along with her two children, she was moving to Virginia where she had accepted a writing position with the FBI at a great salary.

“Randy, if you had told me back then that it would take seven years, I would have slit my throat,” she said, laughing. “But looking back, I see that the timing is perfect. We’re now ready to go. Thank you for helping me hold that vision of how my life could be.”

One of the things I love most about my job is helping people imagine what their best selves and best lives might look like. I do this through executive coaching and workshops. If you know of a professional association, organization, or corporation that might benefit from one my workshops, would you refer them to me? Here’s a brief write-up of my most popular workshops.   

Over the past two months, we’ve explored intention. In January, we examined intention from 50,000 feet with a life plan, and in February we took a closer look at an annual plan. This month, we’ll study intention from 500 feet with a daily plan.

P.S. If you’d like more information on the power of intention, check out my latest special report: Determine Your Destiny: Be Your Best Through Intention.

Intention from 500 Feet: Your Daily Plan

 “To let life happen to you is irresponsible. To create your day is your divine right,” writes author J. Z. Knight.

No one can anticipate—much less control—the events that occur during the course of a day, but setting an intention can start your day off right by providing a psychological boost. By declaring a daily intention, you can increase your:

  • Hope, motivation, and optimism
  • Commitment and feelings of empowerment
  • Accountability for projects, goals, and objectives
  • Utilization of time

I created an exercise that you may want to try. It’s designed to help me begin each day with increased awareness, attention, and intention. (I write it down in my journal.)


Right now, I feel:

1.  ____________________________________

2.  ____________________________________

3.  ____________________________________

4.  ____________________________________


I list four feelings; they may be physical or emotional. Physical sensations might be: warm, cold, tired, energized, etc. Emotions could be: sad, happy, angry, grateful, loving, loved, content, anxious, serene, contemplative, rushed, centered, inspired, motivated,  vulnerable, lonely, etc.

I am grateful for:

1.  ______________________________________

2.  ______________________________________

3.  ______________________________________

4.  ______________________________________

(After listing four things or people I’m grateful for, I take a moment to feel the gratitude.)

Attention and Intention

I will accomplish today (one goal):___________________________________


As I accomplish the goal, I remember to come from love. I also remember that my overall intention is to connect—to self, others, and a higher power—and to contribute.

Today, my intention is to (one intention.): ______________________________


(I take a moment to let this sink in.)


I now feel:

1.  ____________________________________

2.  ____________________________________

3.  ____________________________________

4.  ____________________________________

Quite often my feelings shift after completing this exercise, and I’m able to begin the day in a more grounded place.

It’s one thing to begin your day with intention; it’s quite another to stay intentional throughout the day. To stay intentional during the day, ask yourself as often as you remember: “Where is my focus now? Is it grounded in love or fear?”  

# # #